Code Compliance

"Building it safe; keeping it clean"

The City of Alvarado Code Enforcement Division enforces the municipal codes and zoning ordinances on private property throughout the City.

The City has adopted codes that govern the use and maintenance of private property in order to enhance and protect the quality of life for all who work, live and play in the City of Alvarado. The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for the enforcement of Codes, relating to neighborhood nuisances, health and safety, substandard housing, vehicle abatement, zoning/land use, illegal signs, weed abatement, and graffiti restitution.

Our Mission Statement

The City of Alvarado's Code Enforcement Division will enforce the Building Codes, Municipal Codes and Zoning Ordinances of the City of Alvarado in a fair, reasonable and impartial manner. Our goal is to protect property and the quality of life for all residents by ensuring compliance with all codes and ordinances adopted by the city of Alvarado.

Reporting Code Violations

The Code Enforcement Department generates cases through both proactive and reactive means. Code violations brought to the attention of the Department by citizens and those generated by staff are addressed in a similar manner.

To report a code violation, call City Hall at 817-790-3351 and ask to speak with the Code Enforcement Officer.