Water Department

The mission of the Water Utilities Department is to insure that safe and pleasant drinking water is delivered to the citizens of Alvarado at an adequate volume, pressure and at a reasonable cost; to provide safe, reliable, and efficient disposal of sanitary sewage; and to protect the public health and environment through the elimination of water pollution wherever possible.

Water Billing

The Utility Billing Office is responsible for billing and collecting payment for water, sewer and garbage services.

The billing office is staffed by two full time clerks. They are always willing to answer any questions that you might have about your water bill or help you sign-up for new service.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and your bank debit card.

Water Bill Payment Opens in new window Do not use this option after the 25th or if your service has been disconnected. You must contact City Hall.

During regular business hours, you may also call this office at 817-790-3351 if you having trouble with your water, sewer or garbage service. After regular business hours, you may call 817-301-4947. Public Works employees are on call to handle situations that cannot wait until normal business hours.


Anyone seeking an extension for their water bill payment must complete an extension form, sign, and turn it in to City Hall by the end of the business day (4 pm) on the last working day before cut-offs. Extension requests by phone will no longer be allowed. You may call city hall at 817-790-3351 to obtain a form by mail, fax, or email or stop by city hall to complete the form in person. Payment extension is made until the 3rd of the next month only.

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