How has the public been involved in the Home Rule Charter process?

Home Rule Charter Commission

Theeb DiebPam JonesKevin Thomas
Jill DennisTara MonroseRichard VanWinkle
Marty DouglasLydia MoonFlint Webb
Tom DuringtonJoshua RendonJacob Wheat
Kenneth EstesIsrael Stephens

The Home Rule Charter Commission was comprised of 14 members representing the wards and organizations within the City. The commission held public meetings at City Hall, satisfying the Texas Open Meetings Act requirements, and during each meeting time was set aside to receive public comments. 

City Council heard the recommendation from the Home Rule Charter Commission at the Council meeting on January 23, 2023, and Council unanimously approved to place the Home Rule Charter on the ballot in a Special Election scheduled for May 6, 2023. 

Click here to view the proposed Home Rule Charter and appendix of reference materials.


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7. How has the public been involved in the Home Rule Charter process?
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