Animal Control

The City of Alvarado's Animal Services is a division within the Alvarado Police Department. Animal Services is responsible for all animal related issues occurring within the city limits.

This includes:

  • Ensuring compliance with all municipal codes
  • Pet adoption services
  • Addressing animal complaints
  • Animal control/compliance

Recent Changes to the City Animal Ordinance

Sec. 6-89 Animal & Fowl in residential Areas: Limitations

No more than five of any other type of animal, fowl, or reptile more than six months of age shall be kept in any area of the city, unless zoned agricultural. A greater number of qualifying reptiles may be allowed if application for registration is made with the City and approved by City Council.

A person commits an offense if he possesses or harbors a live rooster (male domestic fowl) on any premises within the city unless zoned agriculture.

Section 6-94 Potbellied Pigs

It shall be unlawful for any person to keep, harbor or raise more than two adult potbellied pigs in any one dwelling unit within the city. Potbellied pigs shall be kept indoors other than at those times necessary for bathroom breaks and exercise.

Section 6 -200 Pet Registration

Every owner of a cat, dog or ferret, which is 4 months of age and is kept in the city, shall register the animal with the city every two years.

Pet registration may be done at City Hall. There is a quick application and the pet owner must supply proof of rabies vaccination. Please bring vaccination record so that a copy can be made for the file. Fees are as follows:

  • $12 / intact, 1st pet in household
  • $10 / intact, pet thereafter (same household)
  • $8 / sterilized, first pet in household
  • $4 / sterilized, pet thereafter (same household)

No fees charged for

  • Employed police canine
  • Animal trained for service animal (documentation required)
  • Spayed / neutered animal owned by a resident 65 years of age or older
  • Spayed / neutered animal which has a microchip implanted

Visit Vet Info for further information and download the Alvarado Animal Services Pet Registry Application (PDF).